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Visual identity proposal (poster and program) for the 2nd European Biennial of Heritage in Occitania


This identity is based on a desire to represent the richness and diversity of the entire heritage of the Occitanie region, avoiding any territorial anchoring.

Like pictograms, the cut-out paper silhouettes represent in a simple and synthetic way the characteristic elements of the region's heritage, contemporary and ancient, whether architectural, natural or even gastronomic, while remaining fairly generic in order to represent the all territories.

The policeAnisettewas chosen as the main typography: impactful and unique, it brings originality and dynamism while evoking a certain poster tradition.


Between strong visual impact and subtlety of textures and autumnal hues, the whole is intended to be sufficiently clear to speak to all audiences without falling into the anecdotal.


Playing with the off-screen, the interweaving of forms and contrasts, this rhythmic graphic identity brings a contemporary breath to the idea of heritage.

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