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Graphic design as part of the production of theLarge Slow Food guide to French local products, published by Editions Plume de carotte (Released April 19, 2018)

Slow Food is an international movement whose main objective is to counter the disappearance of local food traditions and the expansion of fast-food culture by defending the production of "good, clean and fair" food, respecting the biodiversity. The purpose of this guide is to popularize this movement in France and to introduce people to French products bearing the Slow Food label.


For more information :

Slow Food France|carrot feather

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THE PICTOGRAMS: corresponding to the 12 product categories, they are placed in the upper left corner of each page. They thus allow an efficient search in the guide and a clear reading. They want to be synthetic but singular, halfway between a logo and an illustration.

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pictos SLOW FOOD.png
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THE POSTER: it imitates the old maps of France Deyrolle in order to communicate the notion of a rediscovered terroir. There are the names of the 100 products presented in the book, placed according to their geographical origin.

(Poster intended for bookstores and producers who participated in the book.)

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SFOOD_affiche_visuel web_detail.png
SFOOD_affiche_visuel web.png
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