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End of studies' project :

" HEROINES - Finest post punk female music of the 70's and 80's "


Graphic identity of a fictitious musical reissue project on the theme of female figures at the origins of the Post Punk movement

Prototypes of 33 rpm vinyl covers, booklets, inserts, disc badges



The HEROINES collection was imagined in the desire to make the general public (re)discover music groups led by women, at the heart of a key movement in the evolution of rock.It is made up of 7 LPs, each disc being the "best-of" of a group.




HEROINES takes up the codes of punk but transgresses its clichés, just as women have appropriated a musical movement perceived as essentially masculine.

The collages at the heart of these visuals are part of the heritage of punk graphics. But unlike the latter, which cultivates alteration and irreverence, the visuals of HEROINES sanctify the images by means of graphic devices. These are based on the use of colored papers which give life to the collages and where each color corresponds to a group.


The seven covers are linked by the presence of the word HEROINES. Its powerful typography makes it look like a logo and thus gives the collection a strong identity.


These covers are designed as graphic objects that increase the musical experience of a visual and tactile experience. Great care has been taken in their manufacture:

- The main visual of each cover is printed on a sticker, which thus gives a singularity to each copy (with a view to industrial production) while adding a richness of material and echoing the graphic technique used.

recto_detail copie.jpg

- A booklet is slipped on the pockets like a Japanese obi. Its contents present the project of the collection, and a short biography of each group appears on its back.


- Finally, an insert is included in each cover showing credits, rights and information relating to the recordings, with a photo of the group on the back.


Click here to see the full development of each cover:

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