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These 22 illustrated cards, constituting the major mysteries of a Tarot de Marseille deck, are the fruit of a plastic and symbolic study of the color green.

"Green plays the role of the elsewhere, of the strangeness, of the fantastic. Why? Because it is an unstable, rebellious color, very difficult to fix chemically. (...) From a philosophical and anthropological point of view , luck and bad luck go together, the wheel of fortune turns. Par excellence, green is the color of indecision, the face of destiny; its strongest symbolism is a game being played (…)."

Michel Pastoureau for Télérama, : “Green, at the origins of a rebellious color”


The illustrated figures are inspired by ancient and modern tarots, and mix representations from various sources. The clean graphics and the shapes left white leave a central role to green, used as a real material.
In this same will, the back of the cards consists of an ornamental image made in linocut.

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